Legal Requirements

We will be happy to take care of all the legal formalities and procedures involved for your wedding in St. Lucia. Our Wedding Coordinator will start the process prior to your arrival with initial documentation you can send by fax or e-mail. When you arrive you must have the following original documents:

  1. Valid passports. Birth certificates.
  2. A divorce certificate including the Decree Absolute is required (if one of the parties is a divorcee).
  3. Deed poll showing proof of name changes.
  4. An affidavit stamped by the Notary Public, if names or initials on the above documents of one of the parties do not occur or documents have been translated into English.


There is a required period of two full working days in St. Lucia before application can be made to the Attorney General of St. Lucia. Time must be allowed for us to process the application, therefore usually a total of at lease three-five full working days must be allowed before the wedding. We will work with you to ensure public holidays or weekends do not disrupt that perfect day.


The ceremony is conducted by the Registrar and is legal according to British law. Ceremonies are generally arranged Mondays-Fridays, between 9:00 am and 5:30 pm. The date and time selected is subject to the Registrar’s availability but this can be confirmed before arrival. Your Marriage Certificate is given to you on your wedding day.

Catholic Church Weddings

In the case of Catholic Church weddings, your local parish priest would need to liaise with a priest on island to ensure that you have undertaken the necessary counseling period prior to the marriage and that you have met all the necessary criteria to enable you to be married in a Catholic Church. We can put you in contact with the local priest.